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Personality can predict performance

What is Psyft Personality Assessment (PPA)?

  • An innovative and scientifically created instrument, that measures relevant
    personality traits critical for work.
  • It helps predict behaviour, temperament etc of individuals and how these affect
    their work performance.
  • Designed to help employers gain access to objective information about a job
    applicant or an employee.
  • Measures as many as twenty personality traits that relate to job performance.

PPA Use Cases


Hiring Purposes

Hire the right talent & ensure an optimum role and culture fit.


Identify the proficiency level of your current employees & improve their performance.



Succession Planning

Recognize your HIPOs & retain them in the long run.


Career Guidance

Helps students realise their true potential and make informed career choices.


Why Psyft Personality Assessment (PPA)?

15 to 20 minute completion time
Based on the Five-Factor Model
Fake resistant design
Mobile Friendly Interface

Reliable & validated
Based on APA guidelines
Follows the protocols of SIOP
Business Relevant Reports

Run successful personality tests at work with Psyft Personality Assessments

Insightful Reports

PPA Reports are based on the Big 5 personality theory offering business relevant reporting, competency mapping, behavioral Analysis, leadership skills assessment & much more.

individual report

Role based Competency Mapping

Role based Competency Mapping

Psyft Personality Assessment offers "Personal competency Mapping" to highlight the correlation between the core job-role releted competencies and ones' personality.

We can customize PPA Reports to try & include specific parameter (core values/competencies) required by a client. In fact, in addition to this, you can also assign weightage to the chosen competencies.