Psyft 360° Feedback

Successful Teams Depend On Honest Feedback

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Psyft 360 Degree Feedback is your complete Feedback System!


Performance Appraisals

Get a complete picture on employee performance, core competencies, areas of improvement, etc.


Training Need Analysis

Initiate the right training plan for your employees.


Succession Planning

Identify and develop new leaders.


Mobile Friendly Survey

Psyft 360 Degree Feedback Surveys are also fully mobile responsive and can be completed on any device- Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop and not just a PC.

Fully Customizable

Our 360 Degree feedback survey is flexible. We are ready to customize the survey form as per your requirements.

100% Confidential

Our surveys are designed to keep responses fully anonymous and confidential, enabling employees to share an honest feedback. We do not identify individual responses.

Business Relevant Metrics

Our metrics are created by a team of experts and thus help arrive at meaningful results. The survey covers the most crucial metrics to highlight performance and behavior at work.

Data Security

Psyft is GDPR Compliant. We are completely dedicated and committed towards our claim for data security. To know more, visit our Privacy Policy and GDPR Policy.

Post Survey Interventions

We don't just offer a survey platform, but also assist with interventions like briefing or debrief sessions, action - plan or counselling sessions, etc.

Personalized Dashboards

Personalized client dashboard that helps manage feedback and completion rate.

Auto - Save Feature

All responses are auto saved, enabling participants to resume the survey right from where they left, ensuring greater participation.


360 Degree Feedback + Personality Assessment

Bridging the gap between self-perception and others’ impressions


Insightful Reports


Psyft 360 Degree Reports

Individual Report

A comprehensive individual report generated for each subject which provides a deeper analysis and personal insights.


Group Report

A consolidated group level report, collating feedback from all the raters for the entire subject group. This provides aggregate analysis at an organization level for some high-level findings & focused development.



Run Successful 360 Appraisals at work!