Employee Engagement Survey

Track and drive your Employee Engagement

Why Psyft Employee Engagement Survey?

Mobile Friendly Survey

Psyft EES is mobile responsive, making it possible for people to complete the survey anytime, anywhere from their smart phones.

Multilingual Survey

We provide support for both Indian & foreign languages for maximum cultural diversity and usability.

Holistic Analysis

Psyft EES offers holistic analysis that includes: Overall Employee Engagement Score, Demographic Analysis Qualitative Analysis.

100% Confidentiality

We maintain 100% confidentiality & anonymity. We are committed to protecting your data at all times.


Psyft EES also calculates the Employee Net Promoter Score of a company.

Post Survey Assistance

We offer post survey interventions like debrief sessions, action planning etc to help you turn your feedback into favorable results.

Measure how happy your employees are and gain real time employee feedback to keep them engaged at every step!

Business Relevant Parameters

Psyft Employee Engagement Survey includes research based, business relevant employee engagement parameters to accurately assess the engagement levels & drive sustainable growth. The survey questionnaire is also fully customizable.

Opportunities for Growth
Work Life Balance
Job Overall

Rewards & Recognition

Training & Development
Employer Brand

Working Environment (Physical)
General Satisfaction
Net Promoter


Action Planning

Don't just collect feedback, but also act on your feedback! GreenThumbs assists organisations identify & prioritize a strategy for future.

We help organisations draft an Action Plan, indicating at a high level what interventions can be implemented in order to address the pain areas. Organisations can leverage some of the strengths. We also include recommendations on where all GreenThumbs can help with such interventions.


Client Dashboard

Client Dashboard

  • View Results in Real Time
  • Track Participation
  • Heatmaps - Get a Bird's Eye View of Engagement Levels at Your Company
  • Dive Deep, Look at Department wise, Location wise Data to Take Smart Decisions.

Employee Engagement Survey + 360 Degree Feedback

Follow up your Employee Engagement Survey with 360 degree feedback survey

Benchmarking Analysis

Benchmarking your employee engagement survey to better track and evaluate your performance over time and understand how you can improve it.

Using benchmarks properly allows you to plan your game better. Companies with scores higher than their competitors grow faster.


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360 Degree Feedback Survey

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Employee Pulse Survey

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Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

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