Psyft Personality Assessment

We all come in different shapes and sizes. The Psyft Personality Assessment (PPA) is a unique, empirically based assessment that uses several personality traits to predict general temperamental tendencies...

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Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee Engagement Survey is a workplace approach to measure how committed employees are to their work and how motivated they are to contribute to organizational success...

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Psyft 360 Degree Feedback

Multi-rater feedback solutions designed for groups of all sizes. Easy to use, effective and highly customizable, crystal clear reporting...

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Assessment Based Interventions

Professionally designed Interventions (like Counseling/Coaching sessions, Assessment Development Centre, etc.) that offer deep insight into the skills, aptitude, personalities and behaviour of your current or prospective employees...

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Why Choose us?
  • Fake Resistant Design
  • Scientific Framework
  • Cutting Edge Tools
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Actionable Feedback
  • Full Service Support
Fake Resistant Design

Psyft Assessments and Survey inventory is based on an Ipsative Test Framework (Rank Order Type Framework). This Forced-Choice design significantly reduces the human tendency of giving socially desirable responses i.e faking or gaming the responses.

Using an Ipsative design increases the relevance, validity and effectiveness of conducting such assessments and employee surveys, etc.

Full Service Support

We are in this together! Our assessments & support team will assist you at all times. We would work with you directly, to understand your requirement, to plan your assessment/survey, to attend to technical aspects, to collect confidential data, to generate reports, to conduct follow - ups etc.

Leave the complicated work to us!


Subject Matter Expertise
  • Designed by a Team of Qualified Psychologists
  • Backed by Robust Research
  • Tried and Tested Platform
  • Validated by Industry Experts
  • Statistically Ratified
  • Proven Accuracy and Sophistication
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